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The Prophet Joseph (Youssef) 'alayhi Salaam The Koran dedicated a whole sourate to Joseph's life ('alayhi Salaam). Allah Taala says: "Alif, Lam, Ra. Such are the verses of the explicit Book. We made it descend, a Koran of it [language] Arabic, so that you reasoned. We tell you the best narration, thanks to the revelation that We make you in the Koran even though you were before the number of the inattentive (to these narrations). " (Sourate 12:1-3

Jacob ('alayhi Salaam) had twelve boys, first forebears of the twelve tribes of the Children of Israel. According to the specialist scientists of the Bible, The Prophet Joseph is born about 906 years before the Christian era and the incident with which history starts had place 890 years before the E.C. The noblest, the most august and most famous among them was Joseph (Youssef). Some scientists sustained that there is not had other Prophet among them, to part him. It was the only one, they say, that had received the Revelation. He/it is true that their history goes in the sense of this idea

The dream of Youssef ('alayhi Salaam)

The exegetes tell that Joseph, then child, made a dream in which he/it saw eleven stars and also the sun and the moon. Allah Taala says: "When Joseph tells his father: "Oh my father, I saw [in dream], eleven stars, and also the sun and the moon; I saw them prostrate before me (Sourate 12: 4)." To his/her/its wakening, he/it told his/its dream to his/her/its father.
This one knew whereas his/her/its son was going to have a privileged and honorable place in this life and in the other, and than him as his/her/its other sons would be submitted to him. He/it ordered him not to reveal his/her/its secret to his/her/its brothers of fear to cause the jealousy in theirhearts and that they make him the wrong by some ruses and plot. Allah Taala says: "Oh my son, he/it says, don't tell your vision has your brothers because they would organize a plot against you; the Devil is certainly for the man a declared enemy (Sourate 12: 4)."

The jealousy of the brothers of Youssef ('alayhi Salaam)

The brothers of Youssef spliced very jealous, because of the love that carried him his/her/its father and to his/her/its young brother Benjamin, by his/her/its mother, whereas them, are a very strong group, that is able to have the right to their father's love. They consulted themselves then to find the middle d to get rid of Joseph, some among them proposed to kill it, others recommended to move it away in any country of which he/it could not come back. They thought as well as their father's attention would turn exclusively toward them. They were about to agree on this proposition, when one of them interfered Allah Taala says: "when these said: "Joseph and his/her/its brother are liked more of our father that us, whereas we are a very strong group. Our father is indeed in an obvious wrong. Kill Joseph or move it away in any country, so that your father's face turns exclusively toward us, and that you are next people of good." One of them says: "Don't kill Joseph, but throw it if you are prepared to act, to the bottom of the well so that some trailer collects it." (Sourate 12: 8-10 After having finalized the plan to get rid of Youssef, they asked therefore their father to let take them with them their brother Joseph and made him understand that they wanted to take to make it grazed the herd with them, and to make to play it and to have fun by the same opportunity. Jacob ('alayhi Salaam) answered to them that it made him the pain to part with Joseph, would not be that that one hour the day and he feared that while taking it, the wolf doesn't devour it, in one moment of inattention of their part. Allah Taala says: "They said: "Oh our father, that you to not to trust you to us about Joseph have? We are however well-intentioned to his/her/its consideration. Send it tomorrow with to go us for a walk and to play. And we will watch over him." He/it says: "Certainly, I will sadden myself that you took it; and I fear that the wolf devours it in one moment where you won't pay attention gleamed." They said: "If the wolf devours it whereas we are numerous, will be us indeed the losers" ". (Sourate 12: 11-14).

Youssef ('alayhi Salaam) was thrown in the well

They insisted therefore by their father until that this last accepted to let take them Joseph with them. Once far from their house they began to insult their brother and to despise it; they decided to throw it to the bottom of a well then. They made it descend therefore and put it on the stone being at the bottom, and that serves walk foot to the one that wants to fill the seal when the well doesn't contain a lot of water. When they threw it there, God revealed to him that he would be saved and relieved of this situation and that he would inform the time come his/her/its brothers of that that they made to him; the day or he/it will be in a glorious situation, and them weak and soliciting his/her/its aide without knowing that he/it is.

Allah Taala says: "They said: "Oh Al Aziz, he/it has a very old father; seize you therefore of one of us, to his/her/its place. We see that you are indeed the number of the beneficent people." He/it says: "That God keeps us to take an another one that the one at that found us our good! We would be then really unjust. (Sourate 12: 78-79). Seeing that his/her/its brothers kept the lesson, Joseph reveals his identity to his/her/its brothers, then he forgives them and invite his/her/its father and the whole family to come to get settled in Egypt. Allah Taala says: "Carry away my tunic that here it is, and apply it on my father's face: he/it will regain [immediately] the view. And bring me all your family. And as soon as the trailer clears the border [of Canaan], their father says: "I discover, certainly, Joseph's odor, even though you say that I ramble on." They told to him: "By God really has you in your former misplacement." Then when arrived the carrier of good announcement, he/it applied it [the tunic] on Jacob's face. This one regained [immediately] the view, and says: Don't have you I don't say that I know, by God, this that you don't know?" They said: "Oh our father, implore for us the remission of our sins. We were indeed offending." He/it says: "I will implore for you the forgiveness of my Lord. . Because it is He the Pardonneur, the Very Merciful." When they entered by Joseph, this one welcomed his/her/its father and mother, and says to them: "Enter in Egypt, in all security, so God wants it!" And he/it raised his/its parents on the throne, and all fell before him, prostrate And he/it says: "Oh my father, there is the interpretation of my dream of previously. God achieved it altogether... And He/it certainly made me the good when He/it made me leave jail and that he/it made you come of the companion, [of the desert], after the Devil caused the faction between my brothers and me. My Lord is full of sweetness for what it wants. And it is He The omniscient, the Sage. (Sourate 12: 93-100).

One returns indeed that they slaughtered a beast and stained their brother's tunic with his/her blood in order to make their father that he/it has been devoured altogether by the wolf believe. One also returns that they had forgotten to tear the tunic. However, the liar betrays himself/itself by the oblivion. Jacob (alayhi Salaam) didn't believe their history because he knew enmity and the jealousy that they fed with regard to Joseph. They didn't manage to admit that their father likes it more than them, house they ignored that his/her/its love came from what it discerned in it like marks of reverence and respect due to his/her/its future investiture of the Prophecy. It is for it that he/it tells to them: "Your souls, rather, suggested you something... [He/it doesn't remain to me more therefore] that a beautiful patience! It is Allah that it is necessary to call for help against what you tell! " (Sourate 12:18).

Youssef ('alayhi Salaam) was a slave

Youssef ('alayhi Salaam) was 17 years old when he made the Dream and was thrown in the well. This well was close to Dothan, in the north of Schechem according to the biblical traditions and talmudiques and the trailer, that took it out of the well, came from Gilead (Trans-Jordan) and was under way for Egypt. Allah Talla says: "However, came a trailer. They sent their researcher of water, who made take down his/her/its water. He/it says: "Good news! There is a boy! "And they concealed it [to sell it] such a merchandise. Allah knew what they made however very well. And they sold it to vile price: for counted some dirhams. They considered it like undesirable. " (Sourate 12:19-20).

Youssef ('alayhi Salaam) and Al-Aziz of Egypt

Allah Talla says: "And the one that bought it was from Egypt, He/it tells his/its wife: "Grant him a generous hospitality. It can happen that he/it is useful to us or that we adopted it as our child." So have strengthened us Joseph in the country and we taught him the interpretation of the dreams. And Allah is sovereign in His/her/its Command: but most people don't know. And when he/it had reached his/its maturity Us granted him wisdom and know. This is how we reward the beneficent. " (Sourate 12:21-22

One returns that al-Aziz, the big intendant of Egypt, bought it for twenty dinars or, according to another opinion, against his/her/its weight in musk, silk and however. But God is the Most scholarly. When to this speech: "So have strengthened us Joseph in the country ", she/it means that God destined al-Aziz and his/her/its wife to take care of Joseph and to be good with him, and that he also strengthened Joseph and to be good with him, and that he also strengthened Joseph in the country of Egypt. "And We taught him the interpretation of the dreams", that is to understand them and to interpret their signs. "And God is sovereign in His/her/its command": when he/it wants a thing, He/it prepares the reasons and elements that people cannot seize. It is for it that he/it says: "But most people don't know. And when he/it had reached his/its maturity Us granted him wisdom and know. This is how We reward people of good" All it shows that these facts took place before he/it had reached his/its maturity, that is his/her/its forty years, age or God makes the Revelation take down generally to the Prophets.

Zulikha tried to seduce Youssef ('alayhi Salaam)

Zulikha the woman of al-Aziz tried to seduce Joseph while making him the advances, what doesn't suit to the state and Joseph's position. This woman was very beautiful, young and very rich and she occupied a very elevated social rank since she was the wife of the big intendant. She/it wanted Joseph and prepared a stratagem to seduce it. Allah Taala says: "However the one (Zulikha) that had received it in his/her/its house tried to seduce it. And she/it closed the doors well and says"Come, [I am ready for you!]" - He/it says: "That Allah protects me! It is my master who granted me a good asylum. Indeed the unjust don't succeed." And, she/it wanted it. And he/it won't have wanted it had been what he/it lives like proof obvious of his/her/its Lord. Thus [We acted] to separate of him the pain and the turpitude. He/it was certainly one of Our servants elected. And all two ran toward the door, and she/it tore him his/her/its tunic by behind. They found the husband [of this woman] to the door. She/it says: "What would be the punishment of anyone wanted to hurt your family otherwise the jail, or a painful punishment? ". [Joseph] says: "It is her that wanted to seduce me." And a witness, the family of this one testified: "If his/her/its tunic [to him] is torn by before, then it is her that says the truth, while he/it is the number of the liars. But if his/her/its tunic is torn by behind, then it is it that lied, while it is the number of the truthful." Then, when he/it (the husband) lives the torn tunic by behind, he/it says: "It is well of your ruse of women! Your ruses are indeed enormous! Joseph, don't think anymore about it! And you, (woman), implore the forgiveness for your sin because you are offending. " (Sourate 12: 23-29)

Youssef ('alayhi Salaam) to the jail

However, Al Aziz wanted to pass besides this fact while saying: "Joseph, don't think anymore about it" That to be-to-say, doesn't reveal it to anyone, because to keep secret this kind of thing is preferable and more appropriate. He/it ordered then to his/her/its wife to apologize to God of the sin that she/it committed and to repent to Him. Allah Taala says: He/it says: "Oh my Lord, the jail I am preferable to that to what they invite me. And if You don't separate of me their ruse, I will lean toward them and will be the number of the ignoramuses" [of the fishers]. His/her/its Lord granted it therefore, and moved away of uses cunning them to him. It is He, indeed, that is the Audient and the omniscient. Then, after they had seen the proofs (of his/her/its innocence), he/it seemed to them that they had to jail it for one time. (Sourate 12: 33-35)

Youssef ('alayhi Salaam) interpreted Pharaoh's dream

Allah Taala says: Two valets entered with him in jail. One of them says: "I saw myself [in dream] pressing of the grape..." And the other says: "And me, I saw myself structural on my head of bread whose birds ate. Teach us the interpretation (of our dreams), we see you to the number of the beneficent." The food that is assigned you won't reach you, it says, that I informed you of his/her/its interpretation [of your food] before it doesn't happen to you. It is part of that that my Lord taught to me. Certainly, I abandoned a people's religion that doesn't believe in God and that denies the future life." (Sourate 12: 33-37 The Pharaoh had a dream, he stood near the stream, and sees seven beautiful and fat cows and seven other ugly cows to see skinny. The ugly and skinny cows ate the seven beautiful and fat cows. The morning the Pharaoh awakened the agitated mind, and he made all magicians and all sages of Egypt call. He/it told them his/her/its dreams. But no one can explain them to Pharaoh. Whereas this him that was detained with Youssef himself recall of his/her/its grant to interpret the dreams. Convened by the Pharaoh, Youssef ('alayhi Salaam) interpreted its dream. Allah Taala says: "And the king says: "And truth, I saw (in dream) seven fat cows eaten by seven skinny; and seven green ears, and as many others, dry. Oh advice of notables, give me an explanation of my vision, if you know how to interpret the dream." They said: "It is a heap of dreams! And we don't know how to interpret the dreams!"However, the one of the two that had been delivered and that, after some time remembered, says: "I will give you the interpretation of it. Send me therefore." "Oh you, Joseph, the truthful! Illuminate us about seven fat cows that seven eat very skinny, and seven green ears and as many others, dry, so that I return to people and that they know [the exact interpretation of the dream]." Then [Joseph says]: "You will sow during seven consecutive years. Everything that you will have reaped, leave it in ear, except the few that you will consume. Will come then seven year of scarcity that will consume everything that you will have accumulated for them except the few that you will have reserved [as seed]. Then, will come next one year where people will be rescued [by rain] and will go to the press." (Sourate 12: 43-49

Youssef responsible of the deposits of the territory

Allah Taala says: "And the king says: "Bring it to me: I reserve it to me for me - even." And when he/it had spoken to him, he/it says: "You are since today meadows of us, in a position of authority and ".Et confidence [Joseph] says: "Assign me the deposits of the territory: I am good guardian and appreciative." So have consolidated (the authority of) us Joseph in this territory and he/it got of it settled where he/it wanted it. We touch Our mercy that want Us and let's not make the men of good lose the merit [of their .uvres]. And the reward of the beyond is better for those that believed and practiced the piety. (Sourate 12: 54-57).

After seven years during which Joseph organizes the constitution of stocks, the famine falls on the whole region and bring the populations to come in Egypt to get a stock. Jacob sends all his/her/its sons (except Benjamin) thus to buy the grain. Joseph recognizes them but his/her/its brothers don't recognize it Allah Taala says: : "And Joseph's brothers came and entered by him. He/it recognized them, but they didn't recognize it. And when he/it had provided them their provision, he/it says: "Bring me a brother that you have your father. Don't you see that I give the full measure and that I am the best of the hosts? And if you don't bring it to me, there won't be a provision then more for you, at home; and you won't approach me anymore." They said: "Us essayerons to persuade his/her/its father. Certainly, we will make it." (Sourate 12: 58-61

When they come back in Egypt, Joseph is moved to see his/her/its small brother again. He/it makes them leave together but makes place a cut in Benjamin's bag to accuse them of flight. Juda devotes itself so that Benjamin can go back by their father. Allah Taala says: "Then, when he/it had provided them their provisions, he/it put the cut in his/her/its brother's bag. Then a crier announced: "Caravaniers! You are thieves." (Sourate 12: 70).

Allah Taala says: [Joseph] began by the bags of the other before the one of his/her/its brother; then he/it made it come out of his/her/its brother's bag. So suggested ourselves this artifice to Joseph. Because he/it could not grab his/its brother, according to the king's justice, unless God had not wanted it. We raise in a line that We want. And there is a scientist above all man detaining the science [more docte than he]. ". (Sourate 12: 76

Allah Taala says: "And when they had taken it, and had gotten okay to throw it in the invisible depths of the well, We revealed to him: "You will inform them surely of this business without him to realize it. And they came to their father, in the evening, while crying. They said: "Oh our father, we went to make a race, and we left Joseph by our effects; and the wolf devoured it. You won't believe us, even though we say the truth." They brought his/her/its stained tunic of a false blood. He/it says: "Your souls, rather, suggested you something... [He/it doesn't remain to me more therefore] that a beautiful patience! It is God that it is necessary to call for help against what you tell!" ". (Sourate 12: 15-18).

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